10 July 2020, Friday, 18:51
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Lukashenka: How to wriggle out of this situation?


Lukashenka is sure he would be able to wriggle out of the crisis.

The ruler has stated that today at the meeting with higher-education teaching personnel and students of Eurasian national university named after Lev Gumilev, BelTA informs.

“They have been yelling recently that we have problems. We have been hit by the second wave of the crisis. The prices for imported resources have almost doubled, and we do not have resources. Our real sector cannot immediately provide us with enough foreign currency to buy raw materials. It is hard to find the necessary amount of foreign currency to pay for everything overnight,” the dictator said.

“Indeed, our export has increased, but still we cannot find so much foreign currency. Therefore, we are facing difficulties again. The big question is how to wriggle out of the situation. But we will wriggle out. If there is a will, we will be able to deal with the situation,” Alyaksandr Lukashenka (Lukashenko) stressed.

He has also commented on the recent coverage of the economic situation in Belarus by the Russian TV. “Lukashenka will sell enterprises, they need this and that; they are exacerbating tensions in Belarus. It is clear, first of all they want to profit from the situation themselves. We are capable of dealing with the situation on our own. But we will not give away anything for a song,” the so-called president said.

As for the situation on the foreign currency market, A. Lukashenka said, “We stopped selling foreign currency from our gold and foreign currency reserves, we will have the rate we have set. It was increased to Br5,000 per $1 yesterday. The national currency has devaluated, it’s ok, and so what? We should make the most of the things – it is crucial for our export-oriented economy.”

Lukashenka has also noted that he does not mind private ownership, but the privatization should not come as an avalanche. “Everyone wants to buy things as cheap as possible, even for nothing. We still do not mind private ownership and support it, but we support those who create this private property. The private property obtained via privatization and sometimes for a song is not valued. We should not rush to eliminate state-run companies, especially when they are profitable.”