21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:16

NATO demands to investigate “election” violations


The NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) calls on Belarus to investigate electoral process irregularities.

The NATO PA makes the same appeals to Ukraine and Russia, Radio Svaboda reports.

The Assembly called on Belarus, Ukraine and Russia to implement recommendations of the “authoritative international election observation institutions”.

The NATO PA calls on the three countries to immediately release political prisoners and strengthen the rule of law, but doesn't enlist names of political prisoners.

The resolution lays special emphasis on Georgia. The NATO PA urges the new government and current president of Georgia to continue the reforms programme and ensure “effective cohabitation” until the presidential election of October 2013. In accordance with the amendment made on Monday, the new government of Georgia is urged to refrain from politically motivated arrests.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly called on the governments and parliaments of NATO members to redouble efforts in supporting the democratic aspirations of the people in the Eastern neighbourhood in full respect of the sovereignty of Belarus, Georgia, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.