22 January 2018, Monday, 10:59

Belinvestbank mistakenly writes off money from accounts


Holders of Belinvestbank cards found they have a negative balance.

Belinvestbank is reported to have had a technical error which led to writing off money from accounts of card holders. The bank says the problem has been solved.

A bank client, whose salary was transferred yesterday to his card account, informed TUT.BY about the incident.

“Belinvestbank has a serious glitch,” he wrote. “The people who withdrew their money yesterday on 28 Surhanau Street and near the printing house, have found today they have a negative balance of 3 million rubles. The bank says to come to them to solve the problem. We have 500 people in staff. How can all of us leave work and go to bank due to their mistake?”

The failure appeared to be serious hitting Belinvestbank card holders regardless of the place where they withdrew their money: the sum two times exceeding the sum of the latest operation disappeared from their accounts.