22 January 2018, Monday, 5:08

Russian nationalists marched in Mogilev

Some 40 far-right pro-Russian activists staged an authorized march in Mahilyow on November 25.

The march had been organized by Dzmitry Dzenisenka, a Mahilyow resident who said that participants would express support for "traditional spiritual and moral values, the idea of Slavic unity, national and social justice" and opposition to "globalization."

The demonstrators had been warned by authorities against displaying the Russian Empire’s 19th-century national flag, a white-yellow-black tricolor that is widely used by far-right groups in Russia.

The march was followed by a rally inside a soccer stadium. Among the speakers was former presidential aspirant Syarhey Ryzhow, who said that “at present Slavic peoples are separated, which has a negative impact on the life and welfare of the peoples.”

One of the speakers said, “We all are representatives of the Russian people.” The crowd chanted “Russians ahead!,” “Glory to Russia!” and “Glory to White Russia!”

Some people had traveled to Mahilyow from Russia’s Smolensk for the march.