16 January 2018, Tuesday, 16:51

New Life will not give up


The New Life church’s parishioners do not even consider the option of voluntary eviction from their building.

They have built these premises more than twenty years ago at the site of a former cowshed. The church’s lawyer Siargei Lukanin told BelaPAN about that.

According to him, the church’s Council meeting is taking place now. “We are discussing the issues of defending our building. We will consider all the ways of protection which we are able to undertake. The only question, which is definitely not being considered, - is the fulfillment of the request to voluntary leave the building”, - the lawyer said.

As it was told before, the Commercial Court of Minsk set the forced eviction of the religious community of Christians of the full Gospel Church New Life from the building No 72 in Kavaliova street on 5 December. The community received a respective instruction on 27 November. The document states that forced eviction is set on the basis of the order of the Minsk Commercial Court on the case №526-12/2009 as of 23 October. The head of the church is prescribed to “empty the premises and also prepare the sets of keys for the plaintiff” by 11 a.m. on % December.

The communal cervices of Minsk’s Moscow district, where the community’s building is located, were charged with “providing transport, work force and everything needed at the moment of the forced eviction”.