21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:58

A Navapolatsk dweller faces prison time for a conflict with a conductor


A criminal case was filed against him for violence against a person carrying out his functions.

They told that to Euroradion in the Police department of Navalopatsk:

“The criminal is found and arrested. A criminal case has been filed against him according to the article 366. The operational search measures are being taken, the witnesses have been identified and now they are being questioned. A base of evidence is being composed for the case to be sent to court”.

The case has already been passed to the Investigatory Committee of Navapolatsk. The guy who pulled the conductor on her hair was completely sober, they say in the police. He explained his deed by saying that he stood up for the kids.

Now he is facing either a fine or public works, or an arrest of up to six months. Limitation or deprivation of freedom for up to five years is also possible.

We would remind that on the video that a reader shared with the charter97.org’s editorial office yesterday one can see as a conductor woman is trying to detain a young mother with children who did not pay for the ride. The action is taking place in Navapolatsk on 26 November. One of the passengers stands up for the family and starts pulling the conductor on her hair.