22 January 2018, Monday, 5:01

Henadz Buraukin: Dictatorship wants to spruce up its image in the West


The requirement for the Belarusian TV to increase international broadcasting is caused by a desire of the authorities to improve their image.

Henadz Buraukin, a former chairman of the BSSR State Committee on Television and Radio, shares his views in an interview with camarade.biz.

Mr Buraukin, Lukashenka started to talk about modernisation of the National State Television and Radio Company. In your opinion, are these serious intentions or just a tribute to fashion? Modernisation has become a popular word recently...

I have no doubts that the Belarusian TV needs serious modernisation. But I don't think Mr Lukashenka and I mean the same by this. Reforms both of the personnel structure and broadcasting principles are needed to make Belarusian TV attractive.

What do you mean by broadcasting principles?

Television is a powerful type of mass media that is supposed to tell people about real life around them and their everyday problems. Its task is not being a propaganda source and shouting slogans, but showing real life. Television should make the audience think what is happening to them and their neighbours and make conclusions. Of course, with the help of analysts and journalists. Television should show the unbiased picture of life, not one-sided glamour.

Mr Buraukin, Lukashenka mentions the international broadcasting of the TV and radio company first of all. He used to be happy with spreading propaganda inside Belarus, but he plans now to expand it outside the country. What happened?

I don't watch the international channel. It seems to look like an illustrated glossy. Why does he so worry about the image abroad? Propagandists see that after the events of December 2010 they have everything. They removed the opposition and other “fifth columns” from public opinion. Everything is quiet inside the country. But they want to be accepted abroad, where Belarus is called the last dictatorship of Europe and a shadow of the Soviet Union.