18 January 2019, Friday, 9:38
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Police raid on Free Theatre building in Minsk

The Belarus Free Theatre actors were performing their “political” play Discover Love.

Mikalai Khalezin, the director of the Belarus Free Theatre, told charter97.org that police officers came to the building rented by the theatre saying they had been called by neighbours.

The policemen wrote down passport information of theatre manager Svyatlana Suhaka and ordered all actors to provide their passport information the next day.

“Police officers are constantly visiting performances by the Free Theatre. Two such cases ended with arrests of all people present. Policemen always say they were called by neighbours, though we don't have any neighbours – it is a separate building. It is a soundproof building. No one can have problems with the noise. I understand that the Belarusian police want to know everything, even what neighbours have for dinner, so we take their permanent interest in our activity easy,” Mikalai Khalezin said.

The Free Theatre performs underground in Belarus. Discover Love is a play about the kidnapped Belarusian businessman and public figure Anatol Krasouski and his wife Iryna Krasouskaya.