24 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:58

Successes of Lukanomics: the losses have grown three times


The losses of Belarusian organizations accounted for 230 billion roubles in October.

These numbers, according to the data of the Statistics Committee, exceeded the net losses for September approximately three times.

In the end, the net loss of the unprofitable organizations in Belarus in January-October 2012 has reached 2719.2 billion BYR, select.by reports.

The number of unprofitable organizations has grown as well in October by 15 and reached 510.

The growth in losses came mainly from industry, where the net loss for October accounted for 122.7 billion BYR, although in September the unprofitable industrial enterprises cut their losses. In general for January-October 2012 the amount of the industrial losses accounted for 1669.7 billion BYR.

However, at the same time the number of unprofitable industrial organizations has grown only by three in September and has reached the number of 203 in total.

The number of unprofitable organizations in construction has grown to a much larger degree – by 10 enterprises as compared to September (to 114).

At the same time the net losses of the construction enterprises accounted for 41 billion BYR in October as opposed to 6.2 billion BYR in September. Altogether for January-October 2012 the net losses in construction have reached 229.6 billion BYR.

Rather large number of Belarusian enterprises have small losses. Thus, three enterprises in January-October 2012 received net losses in the amount of 1-5 million BYR, and 27 enterprises – from 6 to 50 million BYR.

However, 336 organizations saw the overall net loss of more than 500 million BYR in January-October, or 65.9% of the total number of unprofitable organizations in the country.

From all the spheres of the economy, which had their data delivered by the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, only the financial sector was not unprofitable (the Committee includes banks of commerce in that).

The net profit in that sphere is not large: in January-October 2012 it only accounted for 281.6 billion BYR, practically having not changed as compared to the similar period of 2011.