30 January 2023, Monday, 22:09
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Euroradio journalist jailed for 15 days

Euroradio journalist jailed for 15 days

Pavel Svyardlou was accused of swearing. He will serve his sentence in Akrestsina.

The lawyer has not been allowed to enter the court room. It was stated that the journalist had refused from the lawyer's presence! However, he demanded a lawyer when the hearing was about to start. According to the lawyer, the judge said that the journalist was accused of swearing.

The Euroradio journalist detained for the administrative violation "petty hooliganism" is standing trial in the court room used for "criminal cases". And the lawyer has not even arrived yet! As Euroradio has found out, Matyl's spokesperson has informed the lawyer that Svyardlou... flatly refused from the lawyer's help! A "fair" sentence is expected to be pronounced soon.

According to Vital Zyblyuk, reporter was detained at about 10 a.m. when he left his house and was going to work. The detention could be organized by employees of the organized crime prevention department who are dealing with cases connected with terrorism. Euroradio has recently published a report about Minsk metro - journalists carrying heavy bags entered different metro stations and nobody paid attention to them. The detention of Pavel Svyardlou could be organized out of revenge.