20 January 2018, Saturday, 1:58

«Flight of teddy bears» was published in Internet (Video)


A video with an airplane circling over a church and dropping something down has been published in the Internet.

It supposedly proves the announcement of the Swedish PR-company about the airplane crossing the border between Lithuania and Belarus and dropping teddy-bears with propaganda texts over Belarus.

Earlier the Swedish Internet media The Local reported about two Swedish entrepreneurs crossing Belarus’ border from the territory of Lithuania on a single-engine airplane and dropping teddy-bears with texts in support for freedom of speech in Belarus.

According to Swedish mass media, the action was organized by the advertising agency Studio Total, and the entrepreneurs had gone through flight training courses. They allegedly flew at lowest possible level and crossed the border unnoticed by the air defense forces of both countries. The names of the pilots are kept in secret for safety reasons, according to the organizer of the action.

The Ministry of Defense refuted the information on violation of the border. They stay that for the period of the previous 24 hours the air defense alert forces have tracked more than one thousand aircrafts, and air traffic control services are constantly monitoring the airspace in Belarus.

Meanwhile, the video shows a small single-engine airplane Jodel dropping down some objects. Judging by the painting, the airplane on the video is pretty much like the one presented on the photo. The plane makes several circles over a church that is very similar to the Church of St. Efrasinnia in Ivyanec, although earlier it was said that the teddy-bears had been dropped over Minsk. Ivyanec is located about 84 km to the west of Minsk in the direction to Lithuania where the “airborne agitprop assault force” came from, according to the organizer. It is hardly possible to tell when this video was made, but one can see a cross street banner with a text: "З Днем незалежнасцi, Рэспублiка Беларусь" (Happy Independence Day, Belarus) in Belarusian.