26 September 2023, Tuesday, 3:22
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Police disperse protesters in Uruchcha district

Police disperse protesters in Uruchcha district

One of the leaders of local dwellers has been detained.

Leanid Mazhalski, one of the leader of a group of people protesting against infill construction in Uruchcha city district was detained in Russiyanov Park in Minsk At 11 am on July 5.

He and his wife are in the city police department in Uruchskaya Street. An ambulance was called for the detainee, udf.by reports.

“They began to prepare a construction site in the park and set construction cabins. The locals, who were on the site since morning, showed resistance and tried to block their work. One police squad was unable to do anything, so another police squad was called. Police managed to disperse the people. Mazhalski was detained,” activist Dzyanis Kobruseu says.

As charter97.org website already reported, local dwellers say they are ready to block the city's central street and appeal to Lukashenka. One of local dwellers even say she was ready for self-immolation.

We remind Minsk dwellers protest against construction of six blocks of flats for riot policemen in the district. The construction works have already begun in spite of their protests. The locals said yesterday they exhausted all legal measures of struggle.