19 January 2018, Friday, 10:06

The case of the “teddy bear landing force” is passed to Sweden


The Prosecutor General’s office of Lithuania addressed Sweden asking to take over the investigation of the case of the border crossing by Swedish activists, who dropped the “teddy bear landing force” on Belarus.

In the statement, disseminated on Wednesday the prosecutor’s office points that all the possible activities were carried out in Lithuania in the framework of the criminal process and the further investigation is only possible in Sweden, Interfax reports.

It is said in the statement that Lithuanian prosecutors acknowledged to persons as suspects. The prosecutor office’s press-secretary Rita Stundiene told BNS that the suspects were the residents of Sweden, however their citizenship is not disclosed.

The Prosecutor General office’s request is handed over to the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice together with the case materials.

According to the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s office, the investigation found that on 4 July 2012, a light jet Jodel with a Swedish registration number violated the flight regulations, crossed the state border without the necessary documents and permission, flew from Lithuania to Belarus, where it dropped a hundred teddy bears with calls for the freedom of speech, and then returned back to Lithuania.

The Swedes’ action was called “the teddy bear landing force”. The heads of the air defense and border control were fired in Belarus because of it.