16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:32

Poles can visit Kurapaty for pay

“There were no executions of Poles” in Belarus, Lukashenka said at a press conference on January 15.

He said it to answer a question of a Polskie Radio journalist about the Belarusian Katyn list and possible excavations in Kurapaty.

The Belarusian Katyn list is a document containing names of at least 3,870 Poles killed by the NKVD in Belarus in 1940. Poland has unsuccessfully been demanding Russia to find the list.

“Pay money if you want something. We will carry out a research and give you an answer. What problems?” Lukashenka said. “The Poles are close to us. Pay money and we will carry out excavations where you want and give an answer to your question. We will do it without Polish specialists. We have enough Belarusian ones. We don't go to your country for excavations,  and you don't need to go to us. We had enough with this Smolensk story. We will do everything honestly. If journalists want to cover the process, they are welcome.”