18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:40

Luxury tax to be established in Minsk?


The idea was proposed by Alyaksandr Akentyeu, a project architect at Minskgrado company.

“The houses in the city centre will have the highest home taxes,” the official said at a public discussion of the projects on restoration, reconstruction and Minsk's historic centre development, Radio Svaboda reports.

He said a “luxury tax” would be established besides utility bills and land taxes.

The statement by Minsk's chief architect caused laugh and indignation of Minsk residents.

“How can you say about luxury, if it is the only home of a person?” people asked Alyaksandr Akentyeu.

The Minsk city executive committee started infill development of the Belarusian capital accompanied with cutting trees, closing children's playgrounds and parking lots.