21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:05

Lukashenka: Teachers and doctors will be held strictly responsible


(updated) The ruler demanded that health care personnel “stopped whining”.

Lukashenka visited the Republic’s theoretical and practical center for neurology and neurosurgery today, Interfax reports.

“Enough whining that we have poor doctors. It is time for doctors to show results. Yes, we will increase the salaries, we will optimize ourselves, but we will demand a report”, - he claimed.

According to him, “everyone gets equal education, everyone is in the same conditions. That is teacher as well as doctors will be held strictly responsible”, - Lukashenka said.

The president claimed that by the year 2015 the Belarusian health care system must be optimized and everything must be put in order. “We need to settle everything down and optimize, so there is order in clinics. As it turns, we have created all these palaces, but if there is no doctor, no soul, what do we need these palaces for?”, - the ruler noted.

Lukashenka paid special attention to the necessity of development of the Belarusian health care school. “The school is the most important task for us. We have invested so much money, and that is why we should create these schools, but not to rest on our laurels”, - the ruler said. He also demanded to provide for the intergenerational continuity within the health care system, to prepare high qualification personnel and do not create obstacles in the work of young specialists. “Should we speak the medical language, if vessels get clogged, a clot forms, at it is the death”, - the ruler noted.

Lukashenka also spoke of the necessity for provide the country with the natural population increase already in 2015.

“We must reach the natural population increase by 2015 by all means, not including the external migration”, - he stated.

We would note that the salaries of Belarusian doctors and teachers in much lower than the ones of their colleagues in the neighboring countries.