17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:07

Lukashenka starts shake-up among officials


The number of government officials is to be reduced by 25%.

The Belarusian dictator held a working meeting with the head of the presidential administration Andrei Kabyakou and presidential aide Natallya Pyatkevich on January 3. Both head the commission on optimization of structure, staff and functions of government agencies, which was found in October 2012, Lukashenka's press service reports.

The commission, which members also include a number of senior officers of government agencies, was ordered to prepare optimisation proposals by December 30 last year. Preliminary results of the work were discussed during the meeting to return to the issues later and make necessary decisions to cut the government staff.

“We earlier agreed on at least a 25% reduction. It's time. If we speak about the de-bureaucratisation, we need to cut the number of officials. If there are many officials, they will find opportunities to do unnecessary things than form the bureaucracy we fight against,” Lukashenka said. “On the other hand, it shouldn't be done without thinking, because we can harm public administration. There are certain laws. Perhaps they are subjective, but many people worked hard to establish them. We need to have a clear understanding how many employees an organisation should have for effective work.”