17 January 2018, Wednesday, 5:47

Vasily Sarochyk: I am going to bring it to end


Vasily Sarochyk, a parking lot guard beaten by the police, will appeal against closing the case over torture.

A criminal case against officers of Minsk's Leninski district, who were involved in the incident with parking lot security guard Vasily Sarochyk, is reported to have been closed in the last days of 2012.

An official representative of the Minsk office of the Investigation Committee told BelaPAN news agency that the collected evidence cannot prove the fact of committing a crime by police officers. Only some “violations of the Criminal Procedure Code” were found. Disciplinary sanctions were imposed on the police officers.

Vasily complains that he still had “leg and chest pain and heart problems”, but he feels good in general.

According to him, the criminal case against the policemen was closed on December 28, but Sarochyk prepared appeals to higher agencies with the help of Platform organisation. He says the decree of the Instigation Committee on closing the case “contains many faults. 90% of the information these is untrue”.

“They say I wasn't beaten. The document mentioned a person, who was not present during the beating. They gave wrong time. I was taken to the police department at 8. According to a policeman, I was in the police department at 8:30 a.m., but they wrote I had been detained here, in the parking lot, at 1:20 p.m. <...> They confused facts in the decree.”

Information about torture against Sarochyk, a security guard of the parking lot on Malinina Street in Minsk that belongs to Romen firm, was spread by Platform organisation. Saroshyk described the incident in a video posted on Platform's website. He repeated his story at a press conference.

Sarochyk says he wants to appeal against the decision of the Investigation Committee to “bring the case to an end and punish the policemen”. Colleagues and friends support his initiative and asked about progress in the case.