17 January 2018, Wednesday, 6:08

Opposition activist to picket Kapsch office


A picket will be held today, though the Minsk city executive committee refused to permit it.

As charter97.org learnt from activist Illia Dabratvor, he received denial for the picket from the Minsk city executive committee. The activist applied for holding a picket to support people fired from work for political reasons. The city authorities declined the application, because it allegedly didn't comply with requirements. They also said “improvement works” would be carried out on the site of the planned picket.

”I didn't expect another answer, but I will hold the picket in any case. I invite all interested people to join the picket. It will begin in front of the Kapsch office (131 Odoevsky Street) tomorrow, October 10, at 15:00. All of us should know how to protect our constitutional rights. People cannot be fired for their political views and active citizenship,” Illia Dabratvor said.

Illia Dabratvor is an activist of the solidarity movement Razam. He ran in the parliamentary election in Minsk rural constituency No. 76 in 2012 and revealed facts of falsifications and vote fraud. He was arrested and fined several times for participating in opposition rallies. He was given five days in custody in early September for raising a national white-red-white flag in the Minsk metro. Illia, who has five small children, was pressed and fired from the Belarusian subsidiary of Kapsch company (Austria) for his citizenship.