18 January 2018, Thursday, 11:01

Lukashenka: I say - goodbye


(updated at 13.40) Everyone is now walking around Belarus as hungry as a wolf, the dictator believes.

Lukashenka is visiting the Keramin plant today and traditionally expresses himself on a topical subject.

Do not go running to currency exchange offices

The dictator is worried about the population buoying out foreign currency in large amounts.

“You go running to currency exchange offices and wait for some devaluation. I simply give you an advice: do not do that and do not wait”, - Lukashenka claimed on Tuesday when speaking to the worker of the Keramin public corporation, Interfax reports.

The ruler noted that the authorities have set “the main task for themselves – no to let any collapses happen”. “We can see that the situation is getting stabilized. So do not go running”, - the ruler said.

We would remind that an increased demand for foreign currency can be currently observed in Belarus. People buy out dollars and take loans in Belarusian roubles.

On privatization

Lukashenka claims that there is high interest in the privatization of Belarusian enterprises with high liquidity on the part of representatives of foreign businesses, including Russian, and the pressure that they put on the country’s leadership.

“The demand for Belarusian enterprises is enormous now. Russia would want to buy something, like they do not have anything of their own. Why? Because we have not destroyed them, and turned some into prosperous enterprises like Belaruskali, for example”, - Lukashenka claimed.

Speaking about the situation with the privatization of Belaruskali the ruler noted: “They came around (the ones willing to privatize- Interfax),and said – we want that. I say: pay 32 billion dollars and buy the whole enterprise if you will, or a part. They say – it is expensive. I say – goodbye”,- the ruler said. “They tried another way. Did not work out”, - Lukashenka stated.

He emphasized that his main task in the situation is “to protect the state and its property”.

Lukashenka also noted that “everyone was walking around Belarus as hungry as a wolf, looking where to bite – Keramin, Belarusneft, one refinery, another – we have a lot of such enterprises”. “The long for getting it, and put pressure today not because I am bad, such a dictator, but because I do not give it away”, - the ruler said. “I did not give it away to the East, neither to the West. But they want it, and they want it cheap”, - he said. “We do not agree to that. I thin, neither do you”, - the dictator claimed.

Dictatorship at enterprises

Aliaksandr Lukashenka claimed there was the necessity to put the hiring system in order. The possibility of hiring only with the recommendation from the previous place of employment is being considered.

“Many have relaxed today, saying that the president will make the employers pay the salary anyway, so they could smoke or come drunk to work. We will reform the hiring rules”, - Lukashenka pointed out.

The ruler believes that “we should bring back something like the recommendations from the previous places of employment”. “We should put that in order”, - he said, having also demanded to fully finalize the transition to a contract-based system of employment. “Everyone should have contracts, because we still have lots of people without one”, - Lukashenka noted.

According to him, “the manufacturing should be on top”. “There is no democracy here at an enterprise, there is a tough dictatorship of those, who buy your products”, - Lukashenka highlighted.

“We should put in order the hiring system in short terms, the transfers from one job to another. Like the whole world does that”, - he stated.

“Russia has sagged and we start tumbling”

Lukashenka sets the goal of looking for new markets before Belarusian manufacturers, as opposite to hoping solely for Russia.

“However hard and difficult that is, new markets should be entered. We should not pray to Russia the whole time, Russia has sagged and we start tumbling”, - he claimed.

“Of course, this is not simple, but we should fight these markets back from someone. I once said: we should run fast, there is no other way”, - the dictator emphasized.

Keramin will be 80% of state ownership

“Now 62% belong to the state. It is not enough. By mid-next year there should be 80% of the shares in state’s ownership”, - Lukashenka claimed.

The ruler claimed that once there was an attempt at this public corporation to “pocket the enterprise, arranged by certain managers”. “This is wrong, it should not be like that”, - he emphasized.

According to him, “the enterprise belongs to the people, it was created at the expense of the people”.

Speaking to the representatives of the staff, Lukashenka assumed that they were “most likely once lied to”. In this regard, he continued, he gave an order to the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus and KGB to examine the situation. “We can see that violations start emerging, that is why I demanded to get the enterprise back to the state. But not to take the shares away, but to pay the minimum price”, - Lukashenka said.

At the same time he explained: “It is not me, who needs that. I do not want for you to reprimand to in several years for not seeing this stealing”.

In the meanwhile Lukashenka deems possible the participation of private business in the privatization of state property, in managing it, including the Keramin public corporation. “If you want to buy something, everything should be by our laws”, - the ruler noted, having reminded of the procedure of agreeing the privatization process on all the levels – from employees to the head of state.

“If an owner emerges, who offers a good price, we will thing whether to sell an enterprise or not”, - Lukashenka added.

However, he claimed, “have are fed up with private businessmen”. “If there is some failure, it means the swindler, the private businessman did not do the full amount of work”, - Lukashenka said. “Private ownership is good, when he (a private businessman - Interfax) creates and builds it with his own sweat and blood. If he just takes it, there will be no use”, - the dictator claimed.

Tomorrow I’ll come to you

Aliaksandr Lukashenka stated his intent to visit a number of enterprises being modernized in the nearest time with the purpose of controlling how the government fulfills his orders.

“I will go to significant enterprises, regarding which there were orders given. It is not a president’s job, of course, but what can you do if the government does not work”, - he said.

Coming back to his recent visit to Barysaudreu, Lukashenka claimed that the personnel decisions made were cause by the fact that “they (officials - Interfax) promised, but did not deliver”.

Particularly, the ruler commented on the decision to dismiss the chairman of Minsk region executive committee Barys Batura. “Batura is not the worst governor. He was one of the best governors”, - he said, having explained that the decision on Batura’s dismissal was made due to the fact that the official failed to execute the head of state’s orders.

“He says: we will do that in a week. Where have you been for a year? They went around, designed projects…” - the dictator said.

In this regard he demanded that the chairman of Minsk city executive committee Mikalaj Ladutska warned the heads of the capital’s district administrations to rigorously fulfill the errands, including the ones on putting in order the territories under their management. “For it not to be excruciatingly painful for them, you get them together and warn”, - he said. “Warn everyone that things must be put in order. The city must be prepared for winter, garbage collected, holes fixed”, - Lukashenka pointed out.