16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:21

More arrests in Property Management Directorate?

Alyaksei Stuk, the deputy prosecutor general of Belarus, does not rule out this possibility.

Answering Euroradio's question at a press conference on February 14, Alyaksei Stuk noted:

“A number of criminal cases were initiated over the economic activity of Lukashenka's Property Management Directorate. But we know about three cases.   We heard about one of them – the case over fir-trees. It is being investigated now. Let it be assessed by investigators. But the rest cases were initiated not against directorate officers, but against contractors at a construction site, whose actions caused losses. The investigation may find something against other people involved, but we don't have this information so far.”

Stuk didn't say what construction site he meant and how contractors deceived the Property Management Directorate. He assures the number of corruption-related crimes has reduced in 2011 from 2,416 to 1,779.