18 December 2018, Tuesday, 19:08
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Praying for political prisoners in Vitebsk


BCD activists from Vitebsk held a prayer for political prisoners.

The prayer took place near the Cross of Saint Euphrosyne, the press service of the organising committee to create Belarusian Christian Democracy party reports.

“A few people came. There were twice as many people in black watching and ready to attack us,” Tatyana Sevyarynets, a coordinator of the BCD in the Vitebsk region, said.

She noted no one had been detained. At the end of the prayer, participants sang “Mighty God” hymn, chanted “Long live Belarus” and went home.

On February 18, Vitebsk activists handed out leaflets with information about political prisoners and calls to support them at six plants in Vitebsk.

BCD members Stas Laurenau and Alyaksei Kishchuk were detained in Vitebsk on February 16 for hanging out a banner “Freedom for political prisoners” near Freedom Square in the city centre.