23 January 2018, Tuesday, 19:21

Belarusian oligarch allowed to buy Russian Sea company


Aleksandr Moshensky's company will acquire the plant in the Moscow region.

As charter97.org learnt, the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia (FAS) allowed Etreko-Service company to buy 100% shares in Russian Sea company. Etreko-Service limited liability company is founded by Belarusian-German joint venture Santa Bremor headed by Aleksandr Moshensky.

As for Russian Sea company which focuses on processing fish and fish products, its main assets is the plant in Noginsk (the Moscow region) that produces fish and seafood preservers from Norwegian salmon, trout and caviar.

The agreement to sell Russian Sea company was signed in late 2012. The announced price is $52 million.  

Aleksandr Moshensky has been considered as a possible candidate to be put on the EU blacklist. EUObserver wrote last summer that Moshensky “was instrumental in Lukashenko's 2010 presidential election campaign and is said to rank as the number three most influential tycoon behind Peftiev and Chizh”.  

Nevertheless, three companies, where Aleksnadr Moshensky has stakes (Santa Bremor, Bereza Cheese-Making Plant  and Savushkin Product), received access to the EU market of raw milk and dairy products. The Brest tycoon called this step a crucial event for Belarus “taking into account opportunities of selling dairy products in Europe and development of trade and economic cooperation with the EU”.