16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:03

YCD registration disrupted in Mahilou


NGO Young Christian Democrats of Mahilou failed to submit documents for registration.

The possibility to get registration for the YCD disappeared on February 26. One of the owners of the office refused to give a legal address for the organisation in spite of the previous oral agreement, the press service of Belarusian Christian Democracy reports.

Yauheny Dudkin, the head of the meeting and council of the Young Christian Democrats of Mahilou, says:

“Unfortunately, under the law, even small local NGOs must have an office, which legal address is necessary for the state registration procedure.”

“Taking into account that young people and students cannot find much money to rent an office, it is clear that the official legal procedure of creation of non-governmental organisations poses a big problem – a problem of premises. I only want to thank the young people, who unite on the basis of altruism and do something at their own expense not demanding money or rewards,” he added.

Yauheny Dudkin stressed that the YCD, “unlike other NGOs, don't receive financial aid from the state”.