17 January 2018, Wednesday, 16:21

Muzhytskaya Prauda newspaper distributed in Brest


Brest activists of the cultural initiative Grunt distributed Muzhytskaya Prauda (Peasant's Truth) newspaper, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Kastus Kalinouski Uprising.

Several hundreds of copies were handed out in Brest University. Activists continued to distribute the newspaper in front of the university building, Radio Svaboda reports.

A university security guard appeared in some minutes and ordered the activists to go away. “You cannot hand out anything here,” he said.

The activists moved to another place.

Grunt initiative members titled the newspaper Muzhytskaya Prauda in honour of the newspaper published by Kastus Kalinouski. Initiative leader Viktar Klimuk says: “Symbolic seven issues of the newspaper are expected to be published this year.”

Kastus Kalinouski published seven issued of Muzhytskaya Prauda from July 1963 to June 1863.