16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:46

Italians will present Long Live Belarus! movie at Berlinale


The showing of Long Live Belarus! movie will take place on 8 February at Berlinale film festival in the framework of Euroepan movie market.

The most interesting part is that the movie will be presented by the Italian pavilion of Intramovies company, which is the world’s distributor of the movie, Radio Svaboda reports.

In the movie market catalog the movie stays next to a French comedy Vive la France! It is listed under the name spelled in Belarusian version of Roman alphabet - Žyvie Biełaruś!

Apart from that Intramovies will present several Italian and one German movie.

Long Live Belarus! was filmed in November-December 2011 in Poland.

The film’s director is a Pole Krzisztof Lukaszevicz. The playwrights are a Belarusian journalist and activist Franak Viachorka and Krzisztof Lukaszevicz.

The main character – a rock musician Miron Zakharka – is played by a Belarusian musician Dzmitry (Vincent) Papko. The movie is filmed after the real events and embraced the life stories of many Belarusians who went and keep going through repressions in Belarus.