18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:27

Latvia imposes total control on the border with Belarus


Latvia imposes total veterinary control on the border with our country due to the African swine fever outbreak.

The Latvian food and veterinary service increased the control in order to protect the country from the African swine fever virus. Building the fence is one of the measures to struggle with the possible dissemination of the disease at the territory of Latvia. The fence will become an unsurmountable obstacle for the wild boar, sick in African swine fever.

The EU will cover the expenses for the fence, which will be build across the borders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia with Russia and Belarus.

In the opinion of the food and veterinary service, the main risk is illegal import of the products to the territory of Latvia. Therefore, the luggage of the people who cross the border is now checked by 100%, not at random as before.

Lithuania imposed a similar control on the border with Belarus on July 23.