19 January 2018, Friday, 8:51

Ideologists say Bialiatski's book “dangerous for image of Belarus”


Ideologists from Hrodna gave their opinion on the political prisoner's book “Enlightened by Belarusianness”.

Ales Bialiatski's book “can harm the image of the Republic of Belarus”. This was a conclusion of the expert commission that received a collection of literary essays “Enlightened by Belarusianness” that was published during the author's prison term. 40 copies of the book were seized from human rights activist Tatsiana Raviaka on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border on July 3, 2013, Viasna human rights centre reports.

Tatsiana Raviaka received by mail the conclusion of the expert commission of September 3, 2013, following two months of correspondence with customs bodies.

Ivan Niviarkevich, the head of the Oshmiany customs department, sent Tatsiana Raviaka a notification informing about the customs examination on July 5. The examination was carried out by the head of the main department for ideology, culture and youth of the Hridna regional executive committee.