16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:40

Czech dissident Petruška Šustrová denied Belarusian visa

The prominent Czech dissident was denied a visa at the embassy of Belarus.

Former Czech dissident Petruška Šustrová was invited to a meeting in Minsk to commemorate former Czech president Vaclav Havel. The Belarusian embassy in Prague refused to issue her a visa and stamped her passport.

Radio Svaboda learnt it from Ales Lahvinets, a co-organiser of the meeting to commemorate Vaclav Havel scheduled for tomorrow.

Petruška Šustrová is a well-known Czech dissident, journalist and translator. She was charged with treason against the Czech Republic for spreading leaflets against Soviet occupation when she was 21. She was jailed for 2 years.

She is the chairperson of the supervisory board of the Czech-based organisation Civic Belarus. Petruška Šustrová headed the supervisory board after Vaclav Havel's death.