20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:08

Lukashenka's aide: Belarusian emigrants should be invited to take top management positions


Kiryl Rudy has presented new programme statements.

Lukashenka's aide on economic issues made a statement on the air of Belarus 1 channel about reforms in the personnel policy, Nasha Niva reports.

“The primary issue is to invest in our own education,” Doctor of Economics Kiryl Rudy is confident. “The successful guys, who went abroad, received education in Belarus. They are in demand with the [educational] base they received here.”

Another opportunity is sending specialists on training courses abroad, according to Rudy.

“Many countries, such as China and Kazakhstan, pay for such courses,” he says. “Imagine that our guy returns from the world's top university, for example, Cambridge, and becomes the department head in the Minsk administration. I think it will create some unbalance... Nevertheless, it will make us look at ourselves and the world in a new way.”

The third idea of the president's aide was the most surprising one.

Kiryl Rudy offers to invite Belarusian emigrants to return to the country.

“We have had tides of emigration since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many of our people went abroad and became successful on international markets,” he explains.

Kiryl Rudy doubts emigrants are ready to cross out a part of their life and say they will never think about Belarus.

Lukashenka's aide published a programme article in Sovetskaya Belorussia newspaper some weeks ago. He said service and IT sectors had more prospects than manufacturing industry.

Kiryl Rudy was appointed president's aide six months ago. His predecessor, odious Siarhei Tkachou, found job at Amkodor plant. He praised Stalin-style economy and called to increase industrial capacity.