21 January 2018, Sunday, 0:03

Officials from Hrodna utility sector caught on money laundering


High-ranked officials from utility companies of Hrodna have been arrested for creating fake firms for tax evasion.

The State Control Committee has revealed a crime in the utility sector. The director of a private firm and his brother, the director and founder of the utility company's contractor organisations, are suspected of organising illegal tax evasion schemes, the press service of the State Control Committee informs.

The check of major repair works, upgrading and insulation of residential buildings in Hrodna showed that most works in 2011-2013 were performed by three Hrodna-based commercial firms. The firms were founded and run by the same persons.

Construction materials are bought from one source, a private company that was legally connected with the three firms, had only one employee and no warehouses. The private company was a mediator between the utility company's contractors and Minsk-based fake firms. According to accounting documents, the company received goods and material values at a sum of more than 4.5 billion rubles.

The scheme allowed the firms to pay in cash for construction materials of low quality and overstate their price. As a result, the state budget lost 284 million rubles of taxes.

A criminal case was opened against the suspects.