16 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:21

New ideas of authorities: Ban on alcohol sales from 21:00 and drug testing for schoolchildren


Deputy PM Tozik has proposed new ideas.

In particular, he proposes a ban on selling alcohol on roads from 21:00 to 10:00 across the country and seizing cars of drunken drivers if they are caught for driving under the influence for the first time (now the state seizes cars for the second case of drunk driving). The initiatives were proposed by deputy prime minister Anatol Tozik at a joint meeting of both houses of the “Belarusian parliament”, BelTA reports.

“I think it's the right measure. I think society will take it positively if cars are seized for being caught for drunk driving for the first time,” the deputy PM said.

He thinks licenses of drunken drivers should be suspended for 10 years. Talking to journalists, Tozik said the very fact that a drunken driver gets behind a wheel must be regarded as preparations to commit a crime.

Anatol Tozik also thinks that alcohol cannot be sold from 21:00 to 10:00 across the country. As for urban areas, alcohol should be sold not at the general selling floor, but in separate shops.

“We need to struggle mercilessly both against drunk driving and drinking in general,” he said.

The deputy PM noted that 18 people died and 106 were injured due drunken drivers since the beginning of the year. Move than 700 criminal cases were initiated against drunken drivers, and 125 vehicles were seized.

Speaking about MP Valery Baradzenia's proposal on a ban on alcohol and tobacco at the supermarket checkout, Anatol Tozik said: “I am happy I have one more supporter. It will be difficult to do, but let's try.”

Famous sportsmen and MP Vadzim Dzeviatouski gained Tozik's support in the initiative to impose drug testing on schoolchildren.