20 January 2018, Saturday, 14:17

Radoslaw Sikorski: More US troops should be deployed in Poland

The head of Poland’s MFA believes that more troops from the USA and Europe should be deployed in the territory of his country.

He spoke of that as he was giving an interview to the American CNN, Censor.net reports.

“We would be glad to accommodate more troops from Europe and the United States alike. The this is that we believe that the security level of the North Atlantic Alliance member states should be more or less even, - he believes. – Currently we have NATO military bases, which are the legacy of the Cold War. They are situated in the locations, where there was use of them in the times of the confrontation with the Soviet Union. At the same time the events of the past 25 years are not taken into account. We should deal with that”.

Sikorski also touched upon the situation in Ukraine. He expressed certainty that the president-elect Petro Poroshenko is exactly the person able to settle the crisis in the country.

“Poroshenko was in the Party of Regions, he was a minister in the times of Yanukovych’s presidency. Obviously he is trustworthy for the West, and he should be one with whom Russia can have business, - the head of Poland’s MFA pointed out. – Both states should normalize the relations, because they need each other”.

Issues over the situation in Ukraine and military cooperation between Washington and Warsaw will be at the center of attention of the two-day visit of the USA president Barack Obama to Poland, that has started yesterday.

It is expected that Obama will meet Poland’s president Bronislaw Komorowski. According to officials, there are the relations of the two countries in military, economic, science and technology domains among the issues they intend to discuss.

According to an adviser to the Polish president Roman Kuzniar, in the center of attention there also will be the issue of “certain strategy corrections in NATO’s policies”. Among the international topics there are the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s policy.