21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:23

10 km of Mukhavec river have been let on lease


The Belelectrostroymontazh limited will undertake marketable fishing at the river’s section.

A reader sent an interesting picture to the hotline of the Virtual Brest web-portal. Such posters are installed along the Mukhavec river from Brest to the M1 highway. The river at this place has been let on lease to the Belelectrostroymontazh for ten years. The said limited company can undertake marketable fishing, including by the means of fishnets. It is curious that they are not going to breed fish for these purposes, since fish would simply go beyond the rented river section.

What common fishermen are supposed to do? While documents are being prepared for the possibility of paid fishing, at the current stage fishermen mainly ignore the posters and fish like they used to, but this is no longer legal – quite high fines are foreseen for the violation.