21 January 2019, Monday, 13:49
Thanks, everyone

Chairman of Salihorsk district executive committee “wins” lottery to get off-roader


The organizer of the lottery was a local businessman, who, weirdly enough, enjoys huge benefits in Salihorsk.

Several residents of the city already told about this to the charter97.org web-site.

The chairman of Salihorsk district executive committee Aliaksandr Rymasheuski (in the picture) has got himself a new off-roader Toyota Land Cruiser worth of several dozen dollars. According to city residents, the official did not pay a dime for it. He got the car from Salihorsk’s major businessman Andrej Zajac. However, Aliaksandr Rymasheuski got the expensive “present” in an unusual way.

“The Rainbow chain shop, which belongs to Andrej Zajac and benefits greatly from the local authorities, held a lottery. The main prize was the Toyota off-roader. The winner of the lottery turned out to be the chairman of Salihorsk district executive committee. The whole city knows about this, and most people believe this is simply a way that the businessman bribed the official, on whom his well-being depends”, - one of the city residents said.