19 January 2018, Friday, 11:59

SBU has proofs attack against Aeroflot plane was prepared in Donbas


There are witnesses who are ready to give evidence at court about transfers of the Russian surface-to-air missile system, with the help of which militants wanted to down a Russian plane.

Such a statement has been made at a briefing in Kyiv by a deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Viktor Yagun, when he answered a question of a journalist. As said by him, in addition to the proofs the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has, there are also additional facts of evidence.

“They are based upon testimony of local dwellers, who are ready to testify in a legal proceeding. There are people who are ready to testify, in particular, about movements of the trailer with “Buk”. There is testimony of the owner of the trailer concerning seizure of the vehicle and for what it had been used,” Yagun said.

Answering the question of the journalists he informed that according the information possessed by the SBU, there were more than 250 passengers on board of the Russian plane which had been intended to be downed by Russian special services in order to start the war in Ukraine. Besides, as noted by Yagun, all the questions concerning the information disclosed by the SBU about the intention of the Russian side to shoot down the plane would be finally dispelled only after the persons, who had given the order to use the surface-to-air missile system, are seized and interrogated.

To the question where the surface-to-air missile system could be at the moment, Yagun said: “The facts that it (the “Buk” system) was brought into the country, and at a certain moment taken away from the county, have been clearly proved. I do not want to use, but I believe it (the surface-to-air missile system) does not exist anymore.” At the same time, answering the question whether the Russian side responded in any way to the information released by the SBU head the day before, Yagun answered: “No”.

We remind that on August 7 the SBU head Valentyn Nalyvajchenko stated that according to available information, terrorists planned to hit a Russian Aeroflot civilian plane instead of the Malaysian Boeing-777 in order to justify the full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine. Exactly when the Malaysian plane was destroyed by Russian terrorists over the territory of Donetsk region, a Russian Aeroflot plane AFL-2074 Moscow-Larnaca was to fly over Donetsk region. Malaysian Boeing was flying at the height of 10 thousand 100 metres, while the Aeroflot plane was to fly at 10 thousand 600 metres. In order to destroy the plane with Russian citizens who were travelling for a vacation, a modernized Buk anti-aircraft missile system, which could work at much higher distance, was taken into the country intentionally.

However the terrorists confused the place of the plane’s flight. According to the plan of the architects from Russia, the Buk system was to be positioned to the west from Donetsk, near the settlement of Pervomajskoe, but it was placed in the south-eastern part of Donetsk near another village of Pervomajskoe (Pervomayske), which demonstrates that the people who were to realize the cynical terrorist attack, were not locals, and they didn’t know the surrounding area well.