10 April 2020, Friday, 23:01
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Lukashenka May Impose the State of Emergency

Lukashenka May Impose the State of Emergency

What does stand behind arrests of agents of the "Russian world"?

Over the past few days it became aware of detention of three authors of the Russian propaganda Regnum news agency - Sergey Shiptenko, Yury Pavlovets and Dmitry Alimkin - in Belarus. The ground for detention is articles insulting the Belarusians as the nation and questioning the sovereignty of the country; they are suspected of "incitement of the national discord."

Leader of the European Belarus campaign Dzmitry Bandarenka commented charter97.org on the situation.

- I think that the detention and arrest of these people should be considered on the background of other events. Starting from time parallel resignation of the head of Lukashenka's administration Aliaksandr Kasinets and the first Deputy Head of the Administration of Kanstantyn Martynetski, and to the appointment of a new Deputy Chief of the General Staff and the arrest of the Orthodox "priest with swastika". My version is as follows: Lukashenka was given the list of the Russian intelligence network and data that the operation on his withdrawal of power is being implemented.

Hence these actions. Certainly, he should have arrested those people as the part of the campaign under another article - Article 122 of the Criminal Code. This article touches upon preparation works for conduct of an aggressive war and it has no period of limitation. But it would be too much and it was decided to choose article "incitement of the national discord."

- However, Belarus still allows operation for so-called Cossacks; they are, in fact, paramilitary units of the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian TV channels are freely broadcasted.

- Now the situation differs completely. Lukashenka has suddenly realized that Moscow has decided to overthrow him. The arsenal of actions is miserable; he has done everything possible to undermine the national sovereignty and failed to expect the threat of Russia. And it is possible that these arrests may be the curtain-raiser to imposition of the state of emergency in the country. By the way, I believe arrests will continue.

The situation is such that it is high time for him to impose the state of emergency in the economy. He may explain it with his intention to fight for peace in the country, for absence of ethnic conflicts which are "incited" both by some Russians and nationalists. The way how the picket near a detainee’s university was put is noteworthy. It was put as a collision, as near as "clash on inter-ethnic ground." It may cause the introduction of the state of emergency in the country.

- According to reaction on social networks, many Belarusians are excited by the arrest of these three men - the authorities, allegedly, act well. Can it somehow make people unite around Lukashenka?

- I think that Belarusian patriots should be ready for various scenarios and act for public interests. It is clear that in the near future events will be on the rise and I welcome reasonable and responsible actions of Mikalai Statkevich and the Belarusian National Congress on the creation of a military commission, the address to the Ministry of Defence and patriots of Belarus. These steps should be made by the responsible part of the Belarusian opposition.

Unification is required around real leaders who have proved by their courage that they are true patriots of Belarus and are ready to be responsible. They are Mikalai Statkevich, Henadz Fyadynich, Andrei Sannikov, Stanislau Shushkevich, Uladzimir Nyaklyayew.