26 September 2017, Tuesday, 22:53

Zmitser Dashkevich: He Who Rejoices Last, Rejoices Best

Zmitser Dashkevich

Patriots of Belarus will have more and more reasons to celebrate victories.

Zmitser Dashkevich, the leader of "Young Front" movement, wrote about this on Facebook commenting on the situation when the activists succeeded to protect their right to a white-red-white bus.

"Jingoist bootlickers like Artsem Agafonau and Viachaslau Dianau have themselves created a fake reason for joy and have rampaged on their own. However, the reality is that the driver of the bus, which drove the "Young Front" activists and other patriots to the rally in honor of Slutsk uprising, wasn't fined for a white-red-white flag.

This is a tragic news for jingoists, but nobody will repaint the white-red-white bus. According to the law, if the other color covers less than 50% of a bus, the bus is considered to be unicoloured. As we know, the proportion of the white-red-white flag is 1 to 2 - so the bus will stay a white-red-white bus.

The driver of the bus Victar Brazouski was fined half the basic amount for unauthorized advertising on the bus (his phone number was written on the side of the bus), but now the advertising has been authorized.

A white-red-white ribbon in the cabin of the bus is attached to the mirror and not on the wind glass so the driver did not remove it and will never remove it. Unlike all those "Colorado beetles of the Russian World", who tear down everything from the car at first call.

No matter how much Russian jingoists froth at the mouth, the Moscow Babylon is inevitably approaching its collapse. No matter how much they rampage, Belarus is inexorably approaching its white-red-white revival. All the reasons for their chauvinist joy are in the past. All the reasons for our patriotic joy are already here today, and in the future there will be more of them. He who rejoices last, rejoices best."