15 November 2018, Thursday, 16:44
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Ihor Mosiychuk: Belarusian Peacekeepers Are Trojan Horse

Ihor Mosiychuk

Dealing with Ukraine, the Belarusian leadership acts in the interests of the Kremlin.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ihor Mosiychuk stated that the Belarusian peacekeepers can become a "Trojan horse" which will let "invaders from the Russian Federation to come to the Donbass." People's Deputy from the Radical Party reported this on the air of Evening Prime of the 112 Ukraine.

"As for the Minsk agreements recently, regarding the fact that Belarus already wants to launch peacekeepers, I can say that such things can only be welcomed, if not for one "but". After the FSB kidnapped the Ukrainian political prisoner Grib when he was on the territory of Belarus, after the Belarusian-Russian military exercises that threatened Ukraine, and most importantly, after voting, or rather say "not voting" in the UN for the resolution on the Crimea, I have a huge doubt that there will be Belarusian peacekeepers. And what's more, it will be Putin's Trojan horse, Russian invaders will come, calling themselves Belarusian peacekeepers, after all Turchinov has already reported that they were repainting the equipment into the colors of peacekeepers. We will get a Trojan horse," – the People's Deputy commented.

Mosiychuk also informed that the Radical Party will appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with a proposal to contact the Minsk Process participants, in order to transfer the negotiations from Minsk.

"I insist that negotiations from Minsk should be moved to another country, since Belarus positioned itself not as a neutral state, but as a satellite of the aggressor country – Russia," – Mosiychuk added.

We remind, that at the talks in Moscow on November 15, the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Uladzimir Makei said that Belarus is ready to send peacekeepers to the Donbass if "all interested parties approve it."