19 October 2018, Friday, 2:16
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Rebellious Farmer From Near Loeu: This Power Is Based On Marginal Elements


A resident of the Loeu district told about the struggle for land and his rights.

A farmer from the Loeu district, who is fighting for his rights, is threatened with a criminal case, racyja.com writes.

Resident of the village of Stradubka, veterinarian by education Ivan Khvoyin says that his desire to get a strong farm crashed against the conflicts with the local authorities.

Ivan Khvoyin recalls how a year ago he was forced to kill the entire pig population: "The staff of the sanitary station, the police, the officials of the Ministry of Emergency Situations paid me a visit. They told me to dispose of my pigs, because they are allegedly sick with a swine fever. But there were no signs of the swine fever. It was a wildfire. I can speak about this precisely, as I am a veterinarian by education. However, I obeyed, because a very representative delegation came to me. As a result, about 60 pigs were killed. The real market value of the loss is about 10 thousand dollars. I have not received any compensation for the loss so far. "

But the farmer's misfortunes did not end with the destruction of pigs. Soon, geese began to disappear. The total number of stolen birds is about 80. Ivan Khvoyin suspects unemployed drunkards living in the neighborhood of the theft. According to the farmer, the marginal elements who attempted to grab the collective farm’s property, are involved in the theft of his geese.

"I applied to the Loeu police department about the fact that there was a brothel near my house. A woman organized a point where food was illegally purchased and alcohol is sold at large. They do not touch her, but I suffer constant losses. After my appeal, the district police officer arrived, but did nothing, " - Ivan Khvoyin says.

Then the farmer decided to take the initiative. Having seen the "neighbors" once again dragging a sack of potatoes from somewhere, he followed them.

" I found them at the point where they changed potatoes for a bottle of alcohol. I took their alcohol without using force, so that they would not do away with this. Then I called the police. They attacked me with their fists. I did not answer because I knew how this would end for me. "

The local policeman started two administrative cases upon arrival to the conflict site. Only not against the alcohol lovers, but against the obstinate farmer, who allegedly entered without permission into someone else's house, took away the bottle of alcohol and committed unauthorized justice.

Ivan Khvoyin was found guilty by the court of the Loeu district. However, this decision was cancelled by the Homel regional court on the basis of unilateralism and injustice of the administrative case drawn up by the district policeman. The judge of the Homel regional court Mikalai Bakunou sent the case again to the Loeu district court for the consideration of another judge. And then the most interesting thing happened. In the Loeu district court, the administrative case against the farmer was dropped, but they informed that the materials had been handed over to the district prosecutor to initiate criminal proceedings under articles 339 and 206 of the Criminal Code.

Now Ivan Khvoyin is charged with hooliganism and robbery. A human rights defender from the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Ales Yauseyenka, emphasizes the absurdity of the persecution of Ivan Khvoyin, who in fact tried to avoid committing offenses. "Our people do not like initiative citizens. A person with an active civil position, trying to somehow maintain law and order, is brought to responsibility. Ivan Hvoyin is engaged in farming, helping fellow villagers who do not have a job. But they want to dazzle a criminal from him, drive him out of the village or even from the Loeu region. It seems that he is just avenged by the local authorities and the police for his intractability. "