25 June 2018, Monday, 7:16

Dzmitry Bandarenka: Lukashenka Not To Stay Even Till End Of This Year


Lukashenka’s former electorate comes out to the protest actions which cover the whole Belarus now.

Coordinator of the “European Belarus” civil campaign Dzmitry Bandarenka has said this in a comment for the media outlet “Gordon”.

"A non-confirmed information appeared recently, on possible introduction of the state of emergency in Belarus. I think, Lukashenka is no longer able to herd the Belarusians into the stall by his usual means, and even by imposing the emergency state. What happens today is comparable with the events during the perestroyka times. Herein, in many little towns, where the protests took place, there hasn’t been anything like this even in the 80-90s,” – Bandarenka has noted.

In his opinion, Lukashenka will try to beat down the wave of discontent in Belarus.

"Naturally, the reason for holding the demonstration was the Decree #3 about the so-called “social parasites”. However, it very quickly transformed into the expression of hatred towards Lukashenka. The people have been driven to poverty, and the degree of unemployment in small towns reached the culmination. Apart from Minsk, the regions all around Belarus remain in depression. Lukashenka is incapable of solving people’s problems. He will try to beat down the wave of discontent, but he seems unlikely to succeed in this. My prognosis is that Belarus will have new state rule within a year. I think Lukashenka will be dismissed as a result of the popular protests,” – the oppositionist has underlined.

He has stressed out that oppositionist Mikalai Statkevich enjoys great authority among the population.

"Belarus has its own opposition leader – a Reserve Lieutenant-Colonel, Head of the Social-Democratic Party Mikalai Statkevich.

He served 8 years in prison for the organization of mass protest actions. His last prison term was 5 years. He is Lukashenka’s personal enemy. It’s even forbidden to mention his name on TV. Now, Statkevich takes over responsibility for the organization of the protest action on March 25. Our independence was proclaimed on this day. This year, it happened so it coincided with the marches of outraged Belarusians, which are happening all over the country. Statkevich has great authority. He is a brave leader, who proved he is ready for challenges and knows how to risk,” – Bandarenka has said.

He believes that Lukashenka will not manage to keep the power in the state.

"Today, the Belarusians look for such leader like Statkevich, who is ready to lead them. The people have been driven to despair. Lukashenka’s former electorate comes out to the protest actions which cover the whole Belarus now. They condemn the day when they voted for him. Therefore, I think Lukashenka won’t stay president even till the end of this year. His serious support by the population is a myth, which is popular in Ukraine and Russia. Just look at the faces of the people in the regions and you will understand everything. Lukashenka is an enemy for every Belarusian family. This is the reality. He falsifies the elections’ results since long ago, he has no real support,” – the oppositionist has summarized.