19 June 2018, Tuesday, 13:26

Minsk urges: "Basta!"


Thousands of stickers with the logo of the legendary movement Zubr and the slogan of people’s protests appeared in Minsk and the suburbs.

Bright tickers invite to come to the action, which will be held in the capital on March 25. The stickers have appeared at public transport stops, pedestals for ads, street light posts and in crowded places in the city, the site of the Belarusian National Congress bnknews.org reports.

The resistance movement Zubr was founded 15 years ago, on the eve of the presidential elections in 2001. Within a few months it became the largest and most famous organization in Belarus. Zubrs conducted hundreds of actions and performances in support of the country's independence and democratic path of development of the country. The movement became the main organizer of the Squares in 2001 and 2006.