27 May 2018, Sunday, 6:32

Maksim Viniarski: On June 22, We Are To Demand Political Prisoners’ Release

Photo by svaboda.org

Everyone can contribute to this demand.

European Belarus civil campaign coordinator Maksim Viniarski wrote about that on Facebook:

"... From birth to death we are connected with others by our past and present. And every our misdeed, like every good deed, gives birth to our future."

Today, 16 people are locked on political reasons in the pretrial detention centers and prisons of Belarus. Two of them, Mikhail Zhamchuzhny and Dzmitry Palienka, have already got penal, another 14 are still under investigation. In addition, several more people detained on the eve of Freedom Day are going on trials.

One can blame the authorities, saying it's their fault that people are imprisoned for their beliefs, but the truth is simpler and tougher, it’s not only the fault of those who do evil, but of those who are silent, pretending that it does not concern them, as well.

The same way as the walls and buildings are made up of separate stones, any undertaking consists not only of the idea – the foundation, but also of those who stand for it. The idea is simple – the immediate release of political prisoners and the cessation of repression. Everyone can contribute to this demand – regardless of party affiliation and political views. If the political prisoners’ life and freedom are not indifferent to you – come out and demand their release.

On June 22, the meeting of the foreign ministers of the countries participating in the Central European Initiative will take place. This is a good opportunity to remind European politicians about the values of modern Europe, to show that human rights for all of us – Europeans – are not an empty phrase.

I, as well as a number of other politicians and social activists, call on those who are not indifferent to the fate of political prisoners, to gather on Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk on June 22 at 18:00. We will declare our position and demand the release of political prisoners. Every voice, every action or inaction is important.