22 June 2018, Friday, 10:45

The Kolkhoz-Soviet Style Aristocracy


They don’t need Asmolauka – they want everything “clean and impressive”.

The Kolkhoz-Soviet style aristocracy seems to be defeating the city.

Asmolauka will become the place of their living. This is how they start changing the rules. The newcomers don’t give a damn about our memories and traditions. They want to create their own, understandable for them.

“Everything is clean, new, there are no stupid houses which are only a waste of space in the city center. Me and my children will live here. Not those freaky city people. They stick to the foundations, benches. All those should be demolished, we need to build 26-storeyed tower blocks. Beautiful, impressive. Clean.”

How to struggle with this? Will “chamber guys” take the side of the city dwellers? They are the ones who count on getting apartments in this place...

Liubou Luniova