21 October 2018, Sunday, 16:23
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Lawyer: Punishmentt For Bialiauski Appears Harsh, Inadequate


The patriot plans to appeal the verdict of the court.

Defender of patriot Andrei Bialiauski, lawyer Vadzim Mushynski supports the opinion of his client about the need to appeal the verdict that was passed by judge Maryna Zapasnik, Radio Liberty informs.

Vadzim Mushynski believes that the punishment imposed on Bialiauski by the court appears very harsh and inadequate to his actions.

“It is correct that Andrei intends to appeal the verdict, we will do it. A year of liberty limitation for one cartridge, with confession and repentance, under all circumstances that began to renew guilt, is too much.”

Vadzim Mushynski in disputes with the Public Prosecutor asked the court to fine Bialiauski. The lawyer believes that there was such an opportunity, but he chose not to comment on why the judge did not use it.

— Can you compare the case of Andrei Bialiauski with the case of a citizen of France, whom in December the court in Homel released from responsibility for the transportation of the same cartridges?

“Of course, that acquittal comes as an example, that the case could be solved this way, but, without knowing the circumstances, I would refrain from analogies. There was the thing that the Frenchman himself handed that cartridge in, it worked, together with the fact that he was a citizen of another country. And here we deal with different circumstances. However, in any case — only one cartridge, with no intention for a crime, no weapons — to punish this with the liberty limitation is clearly too much,” — said lawyer Vadzim Mushynski.