23 February 2020, Sunday, 20:27
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NEXTA On Belsat: Mystery Of Lukashenka’s Hoarse Voice Cleared Up

NEXTA On Belsat: Mystery Of Lukashenka’s Hoarse Voice Cleared Up

He has reported it to his fellow countrymen.

For more than a quarter of a century, Aliaksandr Lukashenka has been on the political arena. It seemed that we already know everything about the permanent ruler of our country. However, that's not right, as Lukashenka has saved a touching story from his childhood for the residents of Balbasava, Belsat writes.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka:

“When my mother was pitifully paid, she used to give me 5 rubles for helping to milk cows, and then I ate 10–12 ice creams.”

Thus, it seems, the secret of the dictator’s hoarse voice is cleared up, but it still remains a mystery, for what did the future ruler spend the rest of the money – almost 3 rubles? And the public knows nothing about the current expenses of the ruler, who lives in a big way. But sometimes we are shown large expenditures from the state budget, which consists of our taxes, but for some reason things built for this money are presented as achievement of one person.

As blogger NEXTA says, in his childhood, it seemed to him that Lukashenka had a hoarse voice because he shouted a lot at his subordinates, but as it turned out, it was 10-12 packs of ice cream, which the dictator ate at one time.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka:

“Today we are commissioning this handsome bridge across our beautiful river Prypiats!”

And such grandstanding is rewarded, people like it:

“Yes, yes, we like it. Lukashenka’s style of government.”

But let us return to Balbasava, where the future president set his foot a while back, and a very needed airport will be built in times to come.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka:

“It will be one of the best in our country.”

But Balbasava residents will not change the bicycles to Boeings, they will just listen to the aircraft rumble, since the airplanes will transport goods, not people.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka:

“The will be planes going back and forth, delivering goods.”

Well, how can one not remember the classics.

Bender about New Vasyuki:


“Regular departure of aircraft ... Melbourne”

“The citizens of Moscow will come flocking to your beautiful town. Easy, don't be afraid of this – the capital will be automatically transferred to Vasyuki!”

Aliaksandr Lukashenka:

“Let this village be a symbol of the inseparable friendship of the Slavic peoples, first of all, Russians and Belarusians.”

Ostap Bender: “New Vasyuki will become the center of the world, and later of the Universe.”

But not all promises are kept. A year ago, the Director of Aviation Department promised to commission the runway at the Minsk airport:

Uladzimir Kostsin, Director of Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications:

“Everything is being done on time, and we have no doubts today that the runway will be built on time. According to the decree, this is the end of 2018, but there is a specific date set by the Minister of Transport and Communications – November 7, 2018.”

But the KGB has detained Uladzimir Kostsin, responsible for the construction of the runway, for bribe-taking. All while officials receive bribes, Belarusians do not get anything.