5 July 2020, Sunday, 19:40
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Belarusian Wages Are Similar To African Ones

Belarusian Wages Are Similar To African Ones

The world’s average annual income map has been published.

Specialists of the Credit Suisse Institute made a map of the average salary in the countries for 2018. According to the results of the study, wages in Belarus are the lowest in Europe, intex-press.by writes.

The map shows a strong difference between East and West Europe. Thus, such countries as Germany, France, England, Finland, Italy are painted in green – “rich” color. Green color means the average income of the population per year from 100 to 499.9 thousand dollars, according to howmuch.net.

Against this background, Belarus stands out strongly, being painted in pink, which means an average salary from one thousand dollars to five thousand dollars a year.

It is interesting that countries with pink color and, accordingly, similar incomes of the population, as in Belarus, prevail in Africa.