21 January 2019, Monday, 5:32
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Leanid Zaiko: Hetman Lacks Gold Reserves and Competent Staff

State propaganda loses out to the Internet.

The authority misses even one competent person to perform duties professionally. The head of Strategy analytical centre Leanid Zaiko stated that when commenting on the removal from office of three key propagandists - Yakubovich, Davydzka, and Kaziyatka.

- Speaking frankly, I'm not surprised. Once again Lukashenka has his staff shuffled. They have become useless. The remarkable thing is the education received by Yakubovich and Kaziyatka. The first one graduated from Saratov Higher Military Command School, the second - Kurgan Higher Military Political Aviation School.

This is the generation of lost political officers. During Soviet times they used to be deputies for political work and later were left high and dry and sought every opportunity to get a place. They worked it out.

As for Davydzka, he is dissembler. He is second-rate actor, second-rate film director and "journalist".

From the point of view of the information component, the activity of these people did not make any significant difference. State propaganda lost out to the Internet and alternative media. The time of these people is up.

The other thing is worth paying attention to. I do doubt that something is going to change in the mechanism of state propaganda. I can't even foresee any outstanding ideologists or just prominent people. The system is faltering.

Lukashenka has a big problem: he lacks even one competent person to perform duties professionally. All the staff has poor skills.

Do you remember this "Club of Editors" created by removed ideologists? It was pathetic. This Club showed me the true - unintelligent and poor - face of the state ideology. It was a great X-ray, it proved a desperate condition of the state propaganda.

Others have taken the place of those removed, and the result will be the same. Well, there will be none. They have poor skills. It's not just the removal from office, but a logical completion of work of the system with zero efficiency.

As it was said in a famous Soviet film "Wedding in Malinovka", hetman lacks gold reserves. I'd like to rephrase: he lacks good, smart, literate, educated, intelligent staff.

One ruck will be replaced with another one.

- What could you say about the blocking of "Charter-97", which started shortly before the dismissal of "Club of Editors"?

- This is North Korea. This is comrade Kim Jong Eun and Comrade Xi Jinping. These are traditional actions of monocratic regimes.

If "Charter-97" had worked bad, they would not have blocked it. "Charter-97" works better than CTB and BT TV channels, as a result it is blocked.

I can only congratulate journalists of the Charter: you're in top ten.

- Is there anything in common between the blocking of the Charter and removal the Club of Editors from office?

- I suppose that the Lukashenka Executive Analytical Center carried out some analysis. Perhaps, there were sociological estimations of an impact on the society on the part of official and alternative media.

In my opinion, the main thing is that irreversible age-related changes take place. They remind of those during Brezhnev reign. At the end of his time in power, there was a huge ideological stamps-real life dichotomy.

I think the situation is the same. I would call it a complete lagging of the power behind objective reality. I say once again: Lukashenka has no competent staff. That's why things are like that.