20 November 2018, Tuesday, 2:03
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Pavel Levinov: I’ll Seek Unblocking Of Charter 97 In UN


Vitsebsk human rights activist is fighting for the independent website.

Today human rights activist from Vitsebsk Pavel Levinau, who on February 5 sued the Ministry of Information for blocking Charter-97, received a response from the Tsentralny District court of Minsk.

The human rights activist told Charter97.org about the details:

– The court‘s reply informs that I they refuse to initiate proceedings on my complaint in connection with "the absence of my right to appeal to the court because this case has no court jurisdiction."

You know, I'm reading the answer now, and it's hard for me to explain this absurdity. It’s written in Article 60 of the Constitution of Belarus in black and white: "Everyone is guaranteed protection of his rights and freedoms by a competent, independent and impartial court within the time limits specified by law."

I interpret this article of the Constitution in a way that everyone has this right, as it isn’t written there that except Pavel Levinau is an exception, so I also have every right to get protection in court. But in response to the complaint, they state that the case "is not within the jurisdiction of the court".

As the Vitsebsk human rights activist says, the decision on his complaint was made on February 8.

– I intend to appeal the court’s decision in the Minsk City Court within the time limits set. If it also leaves this decision in force, I will file a complaint with the UN Human Rights Committee for violation of my right to information and access to justice. I will have sent the first complaint by the end of the week, – Pavel Levinau states.

The human rights activist also highlightsthe fact that he asked the court to recognize the Charter-97 blocking as an unacceptable restriction of freedom of thought and expression.

– But it is written in the reply that I indicated only the cancellation of the decision of the Ministry of Information. Although, canceling the decision to block the independent site is only one of the points. It turns out that my demand to recognize the blocking of an independent site as a restriction of freedom of thought and its expression was ignored quietly.

If to speak about the fact of blocking Charter97.org – this is a dead of a weak and cowardly man.

When there are no arguments, that's when they turn to such sneaky activities, as to block a site on the quiet. "We will block you and even won’t explain why. You read the materials and guess the reasons for the blocking yourself."

I have not been able to get information why in particular Charter-97 was blocked. But I can say one thing, everyone reads Charter97.org.

Moreover, the forbidden fruit is sweet and, in my opinion, the site won’t have less readers. After all, even those who have not read the site before, after the blocking story, will visit the site with interest, bypassing the blocking in various ways.

You know, I would like to see that Belarusians have won not only in the struggle for Charter-97, but also in the struggle for human rights and the better future of our country.