22 February 2019, Friday, 1:56
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Henadz Fiadynich: I Invited Investigators To Our May Day Action


Regardless of the "trade unions case", the REP continues its work.

The head of the REP trade union Gennady Fedynich told Narodnaya Volya about the prospects of the "trade unions case".

Important to note, accountant of the REP trade union Ihar Komlik was in custody since August 2 in the criminal case against him and chairman of the REP trade union Henadz Fiadynich under Part 2 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (tax evasion in a particularly large amount ).

The sanction of this article provides for punishment of up to 7 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. According to the official information of the State Control Committee of Belarus, in the course of the investigation within the framework of the criminal case, it was established that "the chairman and chief accountant of the trade union organization, for the purpose of personal enrichment, opened accounts in foreign banks on behalf of the union, to which large sums of money were constantly received."

On October 2, Ihar Komlik was released from the pre-trial detention center under a non-leave obligation.

Now, new investigators joined the "trade union case" and hundreds of people in the regions related to trade union activities are being interrogated.

- Yesterday I learned that the investigation was prolonged until May 1, says Henadz Fiadynich. - They say that investigators do not have time to process all the data obtained after examination of our computer equipment, interrogation of our colleagues. In a word, they need more time.

- Is it true that the investigatory team which dealt with your case has changed?

- Yes. At first there were three people (they had been working on the case for almost six months), but now two new investigators will be engaged in this. And again the question arises: why, if you cannot cope with the volume of information, the investigation team has shrunk? We were told this: the decision was made by the management.

- Do the interrogations of your trade union activists continue?

- I must say that at that moment more than 250 people were questioned all over the country, and the process continues. We appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office, pointed out that this is an abnormal situation, but from there appeals were sent to the Investigatory Committee. Therefore, we have already appealed to the administration of Lukashenka.

- It looks symbolic that the investigation was prolonged till May 1. On this day, as far as I know, your trade union is planning an action...

- Yes, and we even jokingly suggested that the investigators join us. They answered me briefly: "We do not go to such events." I also added that in that case they could be invited as guests of honor ...